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Sydney Rigging Specialist

In order to deliver the very best in cordage and service to you, the customer, International Rope Braid have formed a very close working relationship with Sydney Rigging Specialists, Australasia’s premier rigging service. 

In conjunction with the team at Sydney Rigging Specialists we can deliver to you the knowledge and expertise that comes from World Class sailors and Riggers, with extensive experience in cordage needs for industrial usage, combined with IRB’s technical, yarn, & machinery capabilities to give you the very best performing lines for your needs, including specialised finished product, splicing, expert cutting and tippets. 

Some orders, depending on your requirements, will be forwarded and discussed through our partnership for consultation, and resolution. You may be contacted by either Sydney Rigging Specialists or International Rope Braid to discuss your requirements. THIS SERVICE WILL NOT INCREASE THE COST TO YOU. 

Many speciality lines developed and produced by IRB, have been researched, commissioned and tested by Sydney Rigging Specialists. These products, such as Hollow Core Mooring line, Ezy and Soft Grip Covers, Elite Overbraid, all PBO cordage and Lightning line will be dispatched on order directly from the Sydney Rigging Stores. 

IRB are very proud to be able to offer this wealth of expert advice and technical know-how to you, which resolves problems and saves you money in replacement lines that are not designed for the job at hand.

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