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Cruising Yachts

This page is designed for the Cruising Yachts and Chandlers. Whether you’re a Yacht, Catamaran, Day Sailor, Motor Boat, Houseboat, Dingy or Kayak we have the rope you need to make your boating life relaxing.

Blues Point
Motor Yacht
Kayaking at Sunrise
Bowline Braid

Bowline Braid is made of 100% Polyester. Designed with optimum strength and density for maximum strength to take the strain evenly. This rope has a long lifespan and consistent performance. With multiple uses in all areas of life.

Falcon Braid

Falcon braid is made with a 100% UHMWPE or Dyneema® Core, for superior strength yet lighter weight. All our UHMWPE and Dyneema® cores are urethane coated to reduce cover slippage or fibre snagging.

VB Cord

VB Cord is made from 100% polyester. This rope has a knobbly finish which means it is great for holding knots.

Leech Cord

Leech cord has a tightly woven cover, to ensure a smooth finish and low stretch characteristics, we also manufacture Vectran® or Kevlar® blended Leech Cords for even less stretch. This rope has good UV protection, so is perfect for outdoor uses.

Mooring Lines

This product is made from either Double Braid, Flat Braid, VB or Leech Cord. These ropes will slowly stretch and retract without jerking or straining during the movements of your boat. These braids are easy to splice. All of this means that they will last longer and won’t wear on the cleats

Shock Cord

Shock cord is highly elastic cord which allows for over 100% elongation and recovery. Made with multi strand natural rubber, for high strength and stretch, and a Polyester Cover with a fine 16plt smooth cover, for excellent UV and Abrasion Protection. This cord has multiple uses in the Marine environment as it is not affected by water. This cord also has many other general everyday uses.

Tramp Lashing

No matter how your Trampoline is fixed to your hull, or the style of lashing you want to use, our single braid UHMWPE lines provide the strength and security you need with good UV resistance.

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