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Health and Fitness

Is your business part of the fitness industry? If you’re a Gym Owner, CrossFit Trainer, Sports Club or Athlete, we have the products that will help you achieve your goals..

Aerial Artist - Bowline Braid
Sport Safety Nets - Falcon Braid
Aerial Artist - Bowline Braid
Woman Working Out
Reformer Workout
Boxing Gloves
Court Rentals
Bowline Briad

Bowline Braid is made of 100% Polyester. Designed with optimum strength and density for maximum strength to take the strain evenly. This rope has a long lifespan and consistent performance. With multiple uses in all areas of life.

VB Cord

VB Cord is made from 100% polyester. This rope has a knobbly finish which means it is great for holding knots.

Shock cord is highly elastic cord which allows for over 100% elongation and recovery. Made with multi strand natural rubber, for high strength and stretch, and a Polyester Cover with a fine 16plt smooth cover, for excellent UV and Abrasion Protection. This cord has multiple uses in the Sports and fitness environment, such as Resistance and Suspension training. 

Shock Cord
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