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Performance Sailing

This page is designed for the Performance Race Boats and Riggers.

If your looking to find top quality performance lines that will help you win that next big race, you have come to the right place! We have supplied lines to all of the top racing yachts in Australia and many others around the world. Check out the photos below to see just a few of these amazing boats in action.

Wild Oats - Audi Hamilton
Blackjack - Audi Hamilton
Loki - Sydney To Hobart
Wedgetail - Sydney To Hobart
Shogun - Sydney To Hobart
Wot Now - Audi Sydney To Southport
Chutzpah - Sydney To Hobart
Rosebud -Rolex Trophy 2007
Quest - Sydney To Hobart
Sports Covers

The Sports Covers are a high quality rope made from specific fibres. These fibres are Technora®, Vectran®, PBO, Kevlar®, Dyneema®, UHMWPE and Polyester Blends. These fibres have specific properties such as high strength, high heat resistance and low stretch. These lines are perfect for racing conditions and many others.

Falcon Braid

Falcon braid is made with a 100% UHMWPE or Dyneema® Core, for superior strength yet lighter weight. All our UHMWPE and Dyneema® cores are urethane coated to reduce cover slippage or fibre snagging.

Single Braids

Single Braids are a high quality rope made from specific fibres. These fibres are Technora®, Vectran®, PBO, Dyneema® and UHMWPE. These fibres have specific properties such as high strength, high heat resistance and low stretch. We use these lines for the cores of our rope, but they can be used as a stand alone line.

Dynice Dux and Dynice 75

Dynice and Dux is made from Dyneema®. However unlike our cores these have been heat treated and stretched, which makes these lines incredibly strong for their size. These lines are not produced by IRB, they are a bought in item supplied to us, through our collaboration with Hampidjan Australia.

Mooring Lines

This product is made from either Double Braid, Flat Braid, VB or Leech Cord. These ropes will slowly stretch and retract without jerking or straining during the movements of your boat. These braids are easy to splice. All of this means they it will last longer and won’t wear on the cleats

Leech Cords

Leech cord has a tightly woven cover, to ensure a smooth finish and low stretch characteristics, we also manufacture Vectran® or Kevlar® blended Leech Cords for even less stretch. This rope has good UV protection, so is perfect for outdoor uses.

Tapered Sheets

Tapered sheets are a line made especially for your boat. These lines require precise measurements, they are made from a polyester/Dyneema® blend cover over a polyester or Dyneema® core.

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