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Australian Made

Proudly Manufactured in Australia

Rope Innovative International Pty Ltd, T/A International Rope Braid (IRB), are a Specialist Rope Manufacturing, Australian owned company. Although we have only been trading in Australia since 2005, David has 18 years in rope manufacture experience, which has enabled us to meet the changing demands in rope technology head on. We are a Gold Coast based Australian Company and since we started we have been steadily growing ever since.


Although we are an Australian company we do export around the world. International Rope Braid uses only the highest quality Yarn available from suppliers around the world and uses only the most modern and technically advanced machinery in the braiding process.


All our products are manufactured by specialised machines to suit our customers’ needs. We aim to give our customers the highest level of professionalism and support that we can. With consultations with the rope maker you can be assured we can offer solutions to any issues you are having with current lines.

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