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Dyneema® SK78 and SK99

Microscope View | Dyneema Fibre | IRB Pty

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene or Dyneema® is a Polyolefin made from a Alkene or unsaturated Hydrocarbon


Light, with incredible strength, Dyneema® embodies all these properties. With Dyneema® being The World’s Strongest Fibre and returning a break strength far superior to that of polyester, a comparable diameter of Dyneema® core as opposed to polyester will return a strength difference of up to 4 times stronger. By fully impregnating this Dyneema® core, it allows sports sailors to strip cover where necessary in weight saving applications minimising the danger of the core fibres snagging.

Fibre Chart | Dyneema Fibre | IRB Pty
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