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About Us

Welcome to International Rope Braid, we manufacture general and

speciality rope braids, and understand that a list of products we

make for you to buy may not always cover your needs. Many

applications require a made to order, specific line to eliminate

issues that are occurring. We are always happy to discuss your

needs and recommend a line that will suit your purpose. As

demands on line technology has increased over the years, IRB has

developed some of the most modern machinery and equipment in

the world to enable us to meet these requirements.


Our double braids are of the highest quality and yarns such as Polyester, Dyneema®, UHMWPE, Vectran®, PBO® and Technora® are just a few of the fibres we have available to manufacture lines to your requirements. IRB insists on using only 1st grade yarns and fibres, from all over the world, in all products. This is a distinction that is not often apparent in some competitor’s products, however use of these goods tell their own story. If quality, wear, and safety are an issue, it pays to have the best.

High abrasion, heat, strength, weight, stretch, chafe areas and grip issues can all be addressed with our extended knowledge and resources. As with many problems, there can often be more than one cause, and fibre blends, twist levels, pitch changes, and chafe area protection, are just some of the ways we can help to resolve your issues.

We are proud to be associated with the leaders of the marine industry in Australia and have developed a close relationship in the progression of developing products for specific uses with these companies. These companies include marine aquaculture, sail making, riggers, mining and industrial cordage users. We routinely produce lines for most superyachts and competitors in races such as the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, Hamilton Island Race Week, Volvo Ocean Races as well as many other races all over the globe. Our ropes are also used in many of the movies filmed here in Australia. We work with the cameras, lighting, stunt work and many other departments during a movie production.

From the smallest cordage to the most technically demanding racing lines, we have a product to meet your needs. Upon consultation with the rope maker, not a salesman, you can be assured that we can offer solutions to any problems or issues you are having.  Contact Us at, if you have a query we can help with.

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