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Our Services


If you have a project and need a line made specially for that job, we can help. With 20 Year's experience our Technical Adviser can help build the line for your job. 

Please contact us to learn more about this service.

Code One

If you need a stiffer rope or a tougher wearing cover, we have a solution. Our Code One is created by tightening the pitch during the braiding process. We can apply this to any size rope with any cover you need. Please contact us to learn more about this service.

Cut Lengths - Aquaculture

Our engineer has developed a machine that can cut multiple lengths from a long run into any lengths you require. Sold in bunches of 10, by the pallet load. Diameter can range from 6mm to 18mm, perfect for Aquaculture farms.

Cut Lengths/ Rig Packs/ Made to Order

We can manufacture made to order lines to suit your needs and colour preference. Surcharges apply for lengths under 100m, and a longer manufacture time frame is standard.


One of the services we have available is a machine taper. This can be a double or single taper. Please contact us to learn more about this service.


Here at IRB we are able to offer a hand or machine splice, all splicing is done to order. As different types of rope require different types of splices, please contact us with your requirements to see what we can do for you.


We can over braid almost anything, from Dynice®/Dux® Cores, Wire, Chain, Plastic Tubes, Cables and Carbon or Synthetic Stays and Shrouds. With our large range of covers available, please contact us to see which cover would suit your situation best.


If you have a rope that has been damaged, we offer a recovering service. This service includes stripping off the old cover, inspecting the core for damage and then recovering your existing core, with your choice of cover. Please contact us for more information on this service.

IRB Coating

A urethane coating, can help make your line harder wearing and improve the non slip factor. To see if this service is right for your needs, please contact us for more information.