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This page is designed for the Sailmaking Industry. Whether you are making sails for sailboats, kites, wind art or architectural sails. Here you will find the lines any great sailmakers need to finish your product, ensuring top quality.

Performance Sail
Street Shade
Sidewalk Cafe
Windsurf Board and Sails
VB Cord

VB Cord is made from 100% polyester. This rope has a knobbly finish which means it is great for holding knots.

Leech Cord

Leech cord has a tightly woven cover, to ensure a smooth finish and low stretch characteristics, we also manufacture Vectran® or Kevlar® blended Leech Cords for even less stretch. This rope has good UV protection, so is perfect for outdoor uses.

Anti Torque

Specially designed to reduce twisting in luff ropes during furling operation. Anti Torque is available in Pin-to-Pin or reels lengths, with 100% Vectran® core and a multi layered cover. As this product is manufactured to order, requirements for blended fibre covers, are also available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Lazy Jacks

Lazy jacks are a series of lines that form a cradle. This cradle helps catch the sail as it is lowered for storage or during reefing of a sail, reducing the number of crew needed to secure the sail. These lines are made of our 100% urethane impregnated Single Braid UHMWPE. This rope is easy to splice, no metal rings needed, eliminating sail wear patches. These are made to order to your exact measurements.

Tramp Lashing

No matter how your Trampoline are fixed to your hull, or the style of lashing you want to use, our UHMWPE Lines provide the Strength and Security you need with good UV Resistance.

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