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Animal Leads

Do your Customers want a bright pattern that stands out from the crowds?

 We can make any of our ropes in a range of colours and different patterns to your choice of design. With the added benefit of machine washable, who says pets can’t be stylish!

Loopy Leads Dogs
Loopy Leads Goat
Farm 'The Downfall Limousins'
Loopy Leads Camel
Loopy Leads Horse
Farm 'The Downfall Limousins'
Bowline Braid

Bowline Braid is made of 100% Polyester. Designed with optimum strength and density for maximum strength to take the strain evenly. This rope has a long lifespan and consistent performance. With multiple uses in all areas of life.

Flat Braid

Flat Braid is made of 100% Polyester. Unlike our other lines this has no core, making this a flat, soft line. Great for Bridles and Leads.

Patterned Covers

These are a polyester cover made to order. We have Six covers to choose from these are the Standard, Flecked, Mottle, Blended, Raccoon, Striped and Cow Patch. These can be made in any colour to suit your style, and if you have a pattern you can't see but would like us to make let us know!

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