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A Vectran® Core, and multi layered cover, requiring exact measurements from you, we are able to produce a finished product that is the exact measurement of your luff. With the thimbles (supplied by you or us) spliced into each end, this results in a superior Anti Torque line that eliminates the risk of poor termination. As each line is individually handmade to supplied specifications, allow 3 -4 weeks from time of order to dispatch. These unique to IRB lines are tested and proven in both racing and cruising yachts and are arguably the best available worldwide.

Pin to Pin

Rope Type: Anti Torque Luff Rope


Info on Construction: 100% Vectran® Core Multi Layered 100% Polyester Cover


Rope Features: Specifically designed to reduce Twisting, Negligible Creep, Great Abrasion and Chemical Resistance and UV Stable


Size of Ropes: 8, 10, 12, 16mm

Length Available: Pin-to-Pin and Reels. This Product is manufactured to order after Consultation with our Technician

Colours available:  White - requirements for blended fiber covers, are also available

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