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Cleaning and Caring for High Performance Ropes and Cordage

Washing your Ropes -   IRB recommends not using any detergent for the first few years, as new rope will still contain coating and lubricants contained in the Yarn. Rinsing in fresh water will remove any salt crystals. Mildew and algae don’t reduce the strength of synthetic fibres, so the green stains from algae aren’t damaging the rope.

 After the yarn's coating have washed out, usually a couple of years, washing with a mild detergent is ok. Most detergent have a PH level of eight (8) when used correctly, exaggerated doses of detergent will increase the PH levels. Avoid excessive soaking. NO NOT USE BLEACH, this can cause failure in ropes and splices. Avoid acid cleaners such as Shower Power or vinegar as these can weaken the rope by up to 50%.

If washing in a washing machine we suggest coiling up the rope, placing knot in the end of the ropes and placing inside a pillowcase. This will help restrict the movement of the rope, helping to prevent the rope damaging the washing machine or the rope itself. This will also stop the rope becoming one giant knot. Always wash on the gentle cycle.  Fabric softener is ok to use on older ropes, as is hot water between 48-57°C.


Drying Ropes – IRB recommends laying the rope out loosely on the floor and letting it dry naturally.  Keep out of direct sunlight or heat sources. Applying heat when drying can result in the core and cover drying and shrinking differently causing the rope to become disfigured and misaligned.

Caring For Your Rope – Always store your rope out of direct sunlight if possible. Store rope by hanging it up; if left on the floor you can do damage to the rope by walking sharp items into the core or by fraying the yarn by rolling things over it.

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