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Welcome to International Rope Braid.

We are manufacturers of general and specialty rope braids, and understand that just advertising a list of products we make for you to buy may not always cover your needs. Many applications require a made to order specific line to eliminate issues that are occurring.

Whether you're involved in Yachting, Sailmaking, Boating, Industrial usage, require wholesale rope quotes, for the Marine, Mining, Cable Pulling & Aquaculture sectors, or just need some general cordage, we are always happy to discuss your needs and recommend a line that will suit your purpose.

Colour Chart

To see what we can do for your business click the link below

We have a range of colors available, click below to find out more.

Technical Library

We use the highest quality yarns such as Polyester, Dyneema™ (Spectra™) Vectran™, PBO™, Technora™. Click below to find out more about these fibers.

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